Marketing in times of crisis

Marketing in Krisenzeiten

Author: Marcus Schäfer

Published: 21.04.2020

We’re facing a situation that makes history. Most likely, we will tell our grandchildren about the Covid-19 pandemic. There has probably never been such an exceptional situation in the world. Many people suffer from the invisible enemy, and especially small businesses now even face existential questions. The stores are largely closed and sales are difficult to generate. So what to do in this situation? Does it make sense to think about marketing in times of crisis? Our answer is YES!

Online Marketing – the Savior in Need

Micro-enterprises in particular are currently facing ruin. While the government is planning to provide billions to save them, that may not be enough in the long turn. It is necessary to find creative ways to be found to continue generating revenue. Online marketing is a great tool to do so. Ask yourself: Where can you find your target groups actually? Right, they are online. So, get them where they are and start online marketing.

Online marketing consists of many different instruments. These include social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, search enginesand content marketing. But the core of all of that it is your own website. It is “Point of Information, Interaction and Sale”. That means that you can inform your target group about your offer, interact with it and sell your products in the best possible way. The other marketing channels will be used to promote your website. With an appealing and clear design, you increase the chance to convince your target group.

Focus on web design and redesign

The web design and redesign, i.e. the redesign of your own website, is therefore the focus of your online presence. Put yourself in the user’s position. You are looking for a specific product in order to get an overview of the current offer for the time being. The products themselves seem to be quite similar, only the appearance of the page looks different. One side is more appealing than the other and thus more in the memory. So where do you shop? A rhetorical question – you know the answer already.

Benefits of Web Design and Redesign:

  • Sales and conversion rate increase
  • improved Google ranking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • New customer acquisition
  • Mobile users gain through so-called responsive design, i.e. the view on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets
  • Wider range

The benefits of web design and redesign are essential for a company, no matter what size. Improved web design automatically increases their ranking at Google and Co, which in turn leads to an increase in reach and new customer acquisition. Your site should be modern, so that your visitors can stay on it for as long as possible and thus be convinced of your offer. So, a great offer with an outdated site doesn’t help. The Google algorithm always strives,  to provide the user with the best possible results first. The web design plays a very important role in this. With an outdated design, you can hardly land among the best results. Why is this important?  Nearly 60% of user clicks happen in the first position. Whoever is listed on the second page has hardly any chance. A good 99% of users click on one of the first 10 results, i.e. only the one on the first page.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is also a very important key point. It means that your page is adapted for any type of device, whether smartphone, tablet or PC. Search engines also take this into account very strongly. Once a web page is created, however, it doesn’t mean it’s done. Time and again, work and optimised has to be carried out on this. Otherwise, your competition will run away from you. No marketing channel is as fast-paced as online marketing. Updates and new possibilities are added again and again. Here it is to, stay up-toto-date and to work on the redesign of your website.

Why is Marketing in times of crisis important?

Most of mid-size companies and self-employed have the time to rethink their marketing and maybe to adjust their settings. Use that time to think about your targeted audience. Be well-prepared for the time after Covid-19. Of course, it is not the time to sell now, but for branding and standing out from the crowd. You will be in a much better postition to sell after these hard times.

We are happy to assist

The MS Promotion team is looking forward to supporting you in this. Arrange your free consultation today and discuss with us how you can prepare for the time after Corona.

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