Why businesses should use Instagram Stories

Author: Marcus Schäfer

Published: 02.04.2020

Image: Pixabay / CC0

More than 300 million people worldwide use Instagram stories every day. In our article we will introduce you to this great feature and tell you why it makes sense for your business to join.

Instagram Stories get pushed

As both, the Instagram website and app highlight stories the contend is perceived more specifically by the user. That means, Instagram follows the trend that we already know from Facebook videos. For example, you might have experienced already that you’re notified when friends or companies you follow post a story.  On the one hand, this leads to a rapid increase in the number of visitors and, on the other hand, increases the length of stay. Of course, stories haven’t replaced the classic feed. But there is definitely a trend towards lively storytelling.

Instagram Stories are available only temporarily

Those who are familiar with marketing psychology know an important and popular tool: the shortage, or even the artificial scarcity.

Instagram Stories are available only 24 hours and therefore have a particularly exclusive effect on the user. It is encouraged to prefer the content and to consume it quickly. It makes sense to adapt to the usage behavior of the target group(s) before creating a corresponding story. You should analyze this in the forecourt.

You can start with existing content

The amount of time required to take care of creating Instagram Stories should not be underestimated. But since you are certainly very motivated to finally get started, you can work with existing content. This gives you an idea of how users will interact with your content. This allows you to test different content. Make it easy and set test criteria for each post to help you understand the results.

You let users participate in your life

Some companies have created their first Instagram Stories from graphic videos. However, these are fundamentally different from content that is used in the usual way and is therefore quickly perceived as advertising. Therefore, you should use real videos instead of creating an ad. Tell a story your followers wouldn’t see otherwise. This leads to a more intensive customer loyalty.

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