Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let your company be found

Under search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the optimisation of your search results on Google & Co. The better your website is optimised, the easier your future customers will find your website which will give you the opportunity too engage with them and to explain how your company can help meet there future needs.

Which search engine optimisation measures we implement for you.

In order to improve the so-called ranking of your website, we take care of both on-off and off-page optimisation. These are measures that can be implemented directly on your website, but also affect external factors.

Content quality:

Google is now assessing the quality of the content .
We make sure that your text offers the reader added value, we ensure that all text is easy to read and error-free..


Search engines want to show the most relevant results to the user. To do this, they are based as closely as possible on the search query entered.
We make sure that the right keywords are used. These are terms that search engines use to search the web.

Optimisation for mobile devices:

Over 50% of search queries are now carried out on smartphones or tablets. For this reason, Google makes sure that the websites are optimised for mobile devices.We provide you with a website that offers an optimal view on computers and laptops as well as on tables and cell phones.

Social media:

Social media is a great way to share your content.
We adapt your social media channels to your current web design and show you ways to make your content accessible to a wide range of potential customers.

Additional Services:

  • Google business
  • Incorporation of alt texts
  • and more.


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